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Featured Presentations - Best of FlowVella

  • START HERE to learn all about Flow Kiosk. The Flow Kiosk App Introduction. What is Kiosk Mode? What is Guided Access? How to Set Up an iPad as a Kiosk. How to add links and interactivity in Flow Kiosk. How do Flow Kiosk and FlowVella work together? How to get out of Kiosk Mode and Guided Access in Flow Kiosk? And several 'secret' tricks in Flow Kiosk.

  • What is Guided Access in iPad and why is it important for your kiosk implementation? Guided Access limits your iPad to a single app and lets you control which features are available. Flow Kiosk detects if Guided Access is activated and enabled and steers you to ensure your kiosk is secure.

  • What is kiosk mode in Flow Kiosk? Kiosk Mode allows you to lock viewers into only being able to view the current presentation. You set a 4 digit PIN code to exit kiosk mode. You also set the timer reset for inactivity. You also can set autoplaying videos to loop or not.

  • This iPad Kiosk app case study shows how Massey Ferguson used FlowVella (or Flow Kiosk) to build an engaging experience for their biggest trade show of the year. What sets apart FlowVella and Flow Kiosk is the ability to easily create interactive content with videos, PDFs and it all works with or without a WiFi connection.

  • This is the Flow Kiosk App Introduction, a 6 minute video walkthrough of the app interface and how to introduction.

  • The official guide to FlowVella for iPad to help you create beautiful stories with FlowVella. This guide will walk you through how gestures are used, working with objects, how to add video, images, or galleries, and how to modify your objects and screens.